How We See It

Rev3 and the digital innovations in technologies allow businesses to begin with low startup costs and an ability to begin production in an environment of like-minded people that foster an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Rev3’s vision is to allow companies to make physical products and do small volume manufacturing on premise before graduating on to a private facility. Through partnerships with local suppliers, Rev3 can help businesses begin their higher volume manufacturing including; printed circuit board assembly, casting, injection molding, and product assembly to ensure they will not have to go far to achieve large scale.

Rev3 is focused on building financially viable businesses. The facility will coalesce around passionate entrepreneurs, whether they are developing businesses on their own or commercializing technology invented at one of the area’s many universities, federal laboratories, or established companies who are committed to the success of their businesses and need affordable access to a range of equipment and expertise that does not exist in one place anywhere else in Illinois.