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Pay Per Click(PPC) is one of the best ways to earn money online. Generally, the user gets $100 above in a month with some dedication and desire for the money. The most popular PPC program is none other than Google AdWords  followed by Yahoo! Search Marketing and Mircrosoft adCentre respectively. The “Pay per click” idea is based on two identities – The advertiser and the publisher and we have a third identity too amongst them i.e. Google  , Yahoo…!  , Microsoft and many more. So, the advertisers give their ads to the third identity. We the publishers sign up with the publishers sign up with the third identity for displaying the ads of the advertisers in our website for some money. Thus, all three identities earn their profits from the network. Now, just imagine it in a large scale, so money distribution is quite complex and the amount varies for every ad clicked, which genrally is between some cents to $5 or even more (that’s rare).

What matters in making money online through PPC programs is traffic, Ad Positioning, Ad Blending, Referrals and a website with good content. The king of all of them is Traffic and is directly proportional to the amount of money achieved online. Being new to blogging or webmastering, the first problem which arises is getting people to visit your website. For this, we obviously need good content. But, apart from that, we need to do some marketing. The best way to advertise your website is probably forum and email signatures. Just hyperlink your website and you may get some traffic from your contacts, or even their friends as emails are forwarded too. Its also not a bad idea to submit your website or blog to directories, specially the popular ones though you need some capital for that. Backlinks and affliate are also good ways to rocketize the incoming traffic. The more the traffic or people visiting your website, the more probable it is that ads displayed on your website will be clicked and you will earn more.

Next comes Ad Positioning. As a publisher, you are given the liberty to display the ads anywhere you want, then why not make the best use of this? Always remember, the site shouldn’t be jam packed with adverisments all over. A seperate column for advertisement is also a good practice. A one line ad at the footer and other at the header is also good. Also, you can place your ads between the content, when you change the paragraph, but my experience says that text ads don’t fit well amongst the content. Experiment with the flash ones there. If your website has search facility, modify it to display ads with the result too.

Ad blending disguises the ads with your websites, which makes accidental clicks possible. Remember, even an accidental click can get you $5 at a shot. As most of the PPC “third identities” provide you the facility to change the colour of the text as well as the background of the ad, ad blending should not be a problem if you know the Hex of the colours. If not, grab the colour picker tool in your favourite image editing software and get the hex of your website page/background. You can also try looking at the css files of the theme if you know Cascading Style Sheets.

In PPC programs, the referal earning profit is much more than what you may receive from the other ways of making money online. Every decent PPC program pays you about $5 for any member referred. Start away by referring your friends who don’t know the concept. You can even post about it in some web forums. I often see topics like “Make $xxx in a week”. All they have got is a payment proof and a hyperlink of the website with referal attached. You got to be smart in referring. If you use Google AdSense, you can even refer your users to download Firefox, which is a sort of referral yielding you more money than the ads. Also, always experiment with different PPC “third identities”, as every one has different advertisements to show, and who knows which one can interest the user.

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