Interview with HeidiKruger Creations

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Thank you Heidi for taking time to answer my questions for our readers and your giveaway prizes! Now on to the interview!!

How long have you been a photographer and how did you get started?

I’ve been non-professionally photographing all kinds of great things since I was a kid. My dad loved photography but I thought it was boring because he loved landscape photography. I use to ask him “why aren’t there any people in your pictures? I don’t like photo’s without people in them Dad!” I guess I was a portrait photographer way back then, before I even realized it!

Of course I did some weddings on the side in college to make a few extra bucks (probably went right to the bar fund back then!) and that was over 10 years ago (I’m getting old).

I became very active as a digital photog after my first son was born, four years ago. Bought my trustee 20D and still use her religiously to this day.

Tell us how you got started doing design work?

I have always been an artist, drawing, painting, always making and dreaming up something. I love painting murals for my kids and friends kids. I guess I’d say I’ve been into graphic design for at least 5 years but like I said, I’m an artist at heart, it’s in my blood.

Tell is why it is so important to have great business marketing materials?

I think the first impression is so important. So is the second and third and so on and I believe that clients want to feel like they have spent their money well. Good photography is key but name recognition and a first-class look goes a looooong way.

If people recognize you (why you need a great logo) and refer you because you met or exceeded their expectations as a photographer and as a business then you’re set, things WILL happen for you, no doubt about it!

If you were a new photographer starting out and didn’t have a lot of money to spend, what is the one thing you would recommend they buy first pertaining to your design work?

A great LOGO!! No doubt about it. Brand yourself, create an image and no one will ever know that you are just starting out. If you create the look and walk the talk you’re good as gold.

I also HIGHLY recommend a photography course or two before jumping in head first. If you are charging someone to take their photograph then you should at least know how to use your camera. There is so much more to great photography than a good pose!


What is your most popular or hottest item?

Custom Logo Design with a Starter Marketing Kit

Where do you get your inspirations?

My clients are often my inspiration. I love meeting new people and getting a little information about them always helps me generate ideas.

I usually dream about designs and fonts too. That probably sounds crazy but I get a lot of inspiration from my dreams (and daydreams for that matter).What is your favorite camera and lens to use when shooting?

Back to my Photog mode. I love Canon but that’s all I know. I love my 50mm for most everything.Have you had any strange requests for designs?

Yes! But that’s a whole other story!

What is the one thing you could not live without (besides family and
photo related camera gear)?

Oh geeze… after my family and photog/design stuff it would probably be my car. I feel like I am trapped when I don’t have it. Even if I don’t go anywhere all day it’s nice to know it’s there if I need it.

OH GOSH, I probably should have said CLOTHES!!! I would NOT leave the house, to use the darn car, if I was naked!

If you could spend one day with a photographer or designer and ask them anything about their style, business etc who would you choose and why?

I have to choose just one? Oh, this is hard. So many people have and continue to inspire me. I would have to say Carrie Sandoval. I LOVE her photography work and when she was designing logos I thought her work was awesome! She also has 4 kids (I think) and I find that to be amazing in itself. I would love to see her work, follow her around at a photo shoot and pick her brain about design.

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