Interview Times with Robin Sandberg

Lets start with the typical. Where are you from?

I’m from Helsingborg, Sweden, but reside in Oslo, Norway.

Who are your sponsors?

Rockstar Energy Drink, Skullcandy, Rayne Longboards, Orangatang Wheels, Maui & Sons and Jimmy’Z.

How about your first deck? What was its setup?

The absolute first deck I had was when I was 6 years old. I was white and pink and had a classic old school pool shape! First longboard was a Sector9 Super cruiser Complete. Really don’t know anything about the trucks more than that they turned =)

When did you first get into skateboarding in general if you did skate?

Like I said, got my first skate at 6, kept street skating until I was 15 when the transition to longboard slowly started to take place. So this makes it 21 years going sideways by now!

What made you want change to long boarding and downhill skateboarding?

Bigger kicks and higher speeds on smoother wheels! A kickflip just doesn’t do it..

What was the first longboard event you went to outlaw or official?

Swedish Championships in 2005 hosted by the Infamous Bomb Squad

At what point did you think you wanted to make the transition from having longboarding as a hobby to going pro? –

Transition never really happened, I just wanted to skate as much as possible, and so I did! By skating so much I became good, or maybe I had it in me from before, but getting sponsors and such just really gave me more opportunities to go skate sick hills around the world. I was never about going pro, just to skate as much as possible =)

Whats the best race you’ve ever been to and why?

Wow, difficult question, there are so many preferences for a great race. Hill, organization, party… If I could tailor an event I’d mix the hill and party from Kozakov with the speed from Teutonia and the organization of WinSport!

What would be your piece of advise to aspiring long boarders out there?

Keep skating because it’s fun, not because you’re trying to go pro. If you manage to bring your passion to a pro level, awesome!! ..but if you aspire to go pro and don’t make it, you’ll most probably be bummed and skating will never be the same to you again. So just push yourself and have fun, and good things will happen.

What do you love most about long boarding?

Finding my freedom in the speed.

Whats the one race you would like to attend? Is there any i know you’ve been to

quite a few..

Hehe, yes, there’s been a few lately, but I’d say I would like to go to Whistler Longboard Festival. The Canadians can skate like no others, AND party the same way!

Whats the long boarding community like where your from?

It’s growing intensely for each year, new groms sitting watching youtube all winter and go sliding as soon as the sun comes back in the spring. We, as many other scenes around the world, need the general public to be more coherent and recognize what we do.

Is it an active scene?

Oh yes, I’d say so! During the winter everyone seek refuge in parking garages waiting to hit that first hill in the spring. Since there are hills everywhere you go in Norway, you can skate everywhere, thus encouraging more skating!

Whats your opinion on the latest issues with long boarding and police?

Well, here we haven’t had much problem like in Laguna, CA for instance, but just as street skating has been on the radar for cops since the 60′s, downhill skating is taking the same heat. We also need to understand that we are on the cars “turf”.

But hey, skate away and go bomb some hills, but just make sure that YOU and BYSTANDERS are safe.

ersonally, together with many others I believe, I don’t wanna find myself driving over a downhill skater with my car going up a hill because he can’t keep his lane or whatever. But issues with the cops and such, well, we just need to suck it up and still go skate like skaters of all time has done!

What about un-experienced riders going out on to roads out of their “league”?

The only one you need to prove yourself towards is you! If you feel outside of your comfort zone, then take that as a sign that you’re not ready. You have your entire life to get ready, so don’t push it more than necessary. It’s better to go to freerides and races where you can go 120%, and then go 90% on an open road. Nice with a little safety buffer..

Who is your favourite rider and why?

Difficult, there are so many and now you’re making me choose between some of my best friends hehe… Kevin Reimer has flawless technique and has proven himself more than once on the hills! James Kelly has an amazing way of always staying on his board no matter how much it looks like he’s gonna fall! =)

Dalua is probably the guy with the strongest and deepest passion about downhill skating, he’s off the charts! I gotta send some love towards Jackson Shapeira because he knows how to party, skate and do well, all at the same time!

Mischo needs some recognition too with his ways of promoting the sport and being one hell of a spokesperson!

What are your sponsors like? Are they supportive?

I’ve been through a few different sponsors through the years, some supportive and some not. The supportive ones I kept with me!

Are there any projects or ideas your working on for the future?

Absolutely! Since I’m getting a bit older and my body is falling apart I wanna focus on bringing the sport into the corporate world. I already now have some things going on, but what they are I cannot say =) My goal is to make it easier for the future downhill skaters to get sponsors and maybe live off of it!

What is one of your goals for the 2012 season?

I’ll be racing a bit less, 2011 I ran 26 races, while in 2012 I aim to do 8-9, that way giving me more time for other projects.

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