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Derek’s camp finished up on a Friday. By the end of the week he was asking me to stay late and come back early to watch him, which sort of defeats the purpose of having him at camp so I could pack, but oh well. As soon as he saw me drive up, he really picked up his game.

Here are some photos of our little soccer player:

Derek had told us that morning that he was felt disappointed that he wasn’t getting the Inspire award. We encouraged him and told him that he still had this last day, but I know he didn’t have a lot of hope about it. When it was time to go sit down in line, he sat a little ways away from his team, by himself.

They started with the older kids this time, so Derek’s group was last. They came down to the final coach and he called out, Derek! D was so busy staring at this sticker that everyone had gotten, he didn’t even hear his name at first. But then he jumped up and got to do the big run down “Wembley Way” and get high-fives.

Here he is sitting down reading his certificate:

At first he did not seem at all happy about getting it, which was strange since this is all we’d talked about all week. I went over to congratulate him and he told me, “They only gave it to me because I was the only one who hadn’t gotten it yet.” I reminded him that there were nine people on his team and only five days, so only five people received the award.

His whole demeanor changed immediately. He lit up and was thrilled. Apparently we do not want your pity certificates, only the ones we actually earn.

Then, another set of certificates, the “World Cup winners,” were presented. Derek and one other boy were team Brazil and I guess Brazil won? So off he went to run Wembley way again. He was much peppier this time:

Derek ended up getting three certificates total, two of which were actually achievement related and not just participation. We are proud of this guy:


After we picked up Derek we had lunch and then headed over to get Tate for the last day of Camp Invention. We were supposed to be there early for the “Inventor’s Showcase” where they show/demonstrate to you everything they did over the course of the week.

Unfortunately, we missed almost all of it because we were already late and then someone rear-ended us at a stoplight. So that was fun. We did catch the tail end of it and Tate wasn’t upset that we were late.

There were several rooms with different inventions and one of the teachers stopped us and said, “Tate! Wow, he’s so smart. He had so many creative ideas, that there wasn’t even enough time to build them. He was a pleasure to have in the class.”

It was nice to hear {since we still got no feedback from the counselor} that Tate had done a good job and was engaged in the activities.

Overall, the boys had a good first week of camp and it was a fun way to finish things up before the big move.

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