inFAMOUS 2 Review for Ps3

Concept- An open world Superhero game, which lets you choose your moral alignment

Game play- Very action oriented. You use you super powers of electricity, and have the ability to scale buildings like Spider-man

Graphics/ Sound- Very good. The graphics are a noticeable improvement over the original, and the voice acting is top notch.

Replay Value- High. There are two paths to play, good and evil. Each path leads to different missions, powers, and even have different endings. Plus Sucker Punch has introduced the ability to make your own missions, which you can upload for anyone to play.

Online- Supports User Generated Content, but no multiplayer.

inFAMOUS 2  is the follow up to Sucker Punch’s critically acclaimed IP inFAMOUS. The original was a huge hit with critics and and gamers alike. The story follows Cole McGrath. An everyday delivery boy who was gifted incredible super powers in the events of the first inFAMOUS. Cole soon learned his body is a conductor for electricity, and he could harness it for good or evil. You soon uncover a sinister plan by the organization The First Sons. And their leader Kessler is the mad man behind all the chaos. The first game ended with a bang, and had a truly shocking ending. And this brings us to inFAMOUS2, which picks up pretty much immediately after the first game. You are thrown into chaos right away as you are introduced to Kuo, an NSA agent who promises to give Cole new powers if he follows her to the city of New Marais. You team up with your old buddy Zeke and head off, but not before meeting the villain of inFAMOUS 2, the Beast. The game starts off with a bang, as you attempt to combat the beast before he tears Empire City apart. In short, Cole is defeated, but rescued by Kuo and Zeke, and head off to New Marais.

Much like Empire City in the first game, New Marais is full of life and personality. Also it has its fair share of problems as well. The ray sphere has created a horrible plague, that is sweeping its way down the coast. Proving fatal in every single case. Cole quickly realizes some of this is his own doing, and sets out to become more powerful, in order to defeat the beast. You discover a new weapon, called the RFI, which is the only means to defeat the Beast. In order to activate it, Cole must find 6 blast cores to increase his power. And so your journey begins.

The game play in the sequel remains largely the same, but with many enhancements to every area of the game, to create a much more polished experience. One of the best aspects of the game is the parkour. Cole is incredibly athletic, and has the ability to scale any building in the game. This is handled much like the Assassins Creed series. But its incredibly fluid and smooth, and climbing buildings is truly an enjoyable thing. You’ll soon unlock your Static thrusters, which allow you to glide from roof top to roof top. This gives you the sensation of being able to fly, and is a true joy gliding around New Marais. If you played the original, you may have had some frustrating moments with the climbing mechanics, as they were a little finicky at times. The good news is this has been ironed out in a huge way. Cole now moves much better in general, and makes the game much more enjoyable. You still have the ability to “grind” on the rails, making travel a breeze. But oddly, Sucker Punch removed the recharging ability from grinding. Which does make combat much more tactical. Also Cole’s default bolt attack, now requires power. This helps the combat as you must not be more strategic during fights, as you no longer can find a pole and recharge instantly. I enjoy this change, as I felt inFAMOUS 1 was a little easy. The second is more challenging, but never gets frustrating.

I am now going to talk about the highlight of the game in my opinion. Which is simply just how bad ass, and epic Cole’s powers are. inFAMOUS2 does an amazing job making you feel like an unstoppable superhero. Most of Cole’s attacks and abilities from inFAMOUS 1 make a return. Such as his bolt powers, grenades and special moves. One of the biggest improvements is the addition of the Amp. A weapon Zeke made for Cole, which greatly improves melee combat. I actually preferred melee over my electric powers in many situations. Its really satisfying to beat up on the militia and the “freaks”. The real highlight are Cole’s Ionic powers. These are crazy powerful moves, which are limited to picking up a glowing orb on random dead soldiers. The best one give you the ability to summon a massive tornado right in front of you, wiping out any enemies in your path. Its truly an epic feeling, and jaw dropping the first few times you perform it. Cole’s famous Lightning Storm also makes a return, but sadly doesn’t unlock until the very end of the game, giving you limited opportunity to use it. In short, inFAMOUS is amazing in this regard. The powers you are given are quite incredible, and a blast to use. On top of these enhancements, you are introduced to Kuo and Nix. Two other powerful conduits in New Marais. Each one of these women are aligned with different karma. Nix is follows the darker side, while Kuo is a very moral person. The beauty of this is the ability to combine powers with one of them about mid game. Kuo gives you ice abilities, and Nix gives you the power of fire and oil. This adds a whole new dimension to the move set, and will allow you to use different strategies depending on your karmic alliance.

Which leads me to my next point. inFAMOUS 2  gives you the choice to be evil, or good. Each option gives you specific missions, powers and even a different ending. So there is enough here to warrant a second play through as I did with inFAMOUS 1. I will say playing the good guy is more rewarding, while playing the bad guy tends to be a little easier, as you don’t have to worry about collateral damage. This dynamic is fantastic, as it also incorporates your inFAMOUS 1 saves,much like how Mass Effect has done(although not to the same depth). Searching for blast shards has returned, as have the dead drops. Normally I hate collection fests in games, but I love tracking down all the shards in this game. The fact that you can ping your mini map to discover like the first, make tracking them down a breeze. Side Missions return as well, and done pretty much the same. You are given multiple side missions, when completed free certain areas of the city from enemy control. These are a fun distraction, and are much more diverse this time around. No more speaker finding!

The technical aspect of this game is also very well done. The graphics are beautiful, and a huge improvement from the first. Everything is vibrant and alive, and the game even incorporates some pretty impressive destructible environments. The sound isn’t anything amazing, but it gets the job done. But the voice acting is handled very well. Cole has a new voice actor in this game, which some fans will not like. But personally it grew on me, and I actually now prefer it. It just fits his personality better. Also the aesthetics are still top notch, with the graphic novel like cut scene as prominent as ever.

If you couldn’t tell by now, inFAMOUS 2 is a fantastic game. Its my favorite game of the year so far, and the best open world game since Red Dead. Fans of the original will fall in love with it instantly. Not everything is perfect, the controls can be a bit sticky at times, and I found the User Generated Missions rather glitchy . But these are such minor complaints in such a great game. The story is paced very well, and told much better than the original as well. All in all Sucker Punch crafted a near perfect sequel. They improved every single aspect of the game, and crafted a much more emotional experience as well. This is a game all PS3 owners must play, and one of the best on the system. Hands Down.

Bottom Line- 9.75/10

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