Important Facets of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the most effective way of marketing for your customers and clients. There are three things which you should keep in mind. Direct marketing brings in more cash in the fastest way and in very short amount of time


Direct marketing builds trust between you and potential customers. This is the most important thing in every kind of business.

There are various direct marketing secrets which you can use in order to make your customers and prospects to buy more when you upsell, when you are offering existing clients more of your products to buy at higher price, which is known as back-end offers. You should make sure that you have an email list.

Provide Your Email Address
You should provide your email list of your existing and old customers. You have to check up on your customers every other month or every two weeks. In this way, your business can be in front of them every two weeks or month.


But don’t send your customers anything, you can send some free gifts or free additional information about the product they bought from you. In that way, you need to make them like and trust you. Thus, they will be willing to do additional business with you as they will see that you genuinely want to help them.

Put Your Contact Information
In direct marketing, you need to put your contact information for your customers where your customers can reach you easily. If you want, you can also put your picture on your website. You should dress smartly in a suit and a tie and put a warm smile on your face.

While sending your emails, you must use a readable font that your prospects won’t be straining their eyes while going through it. You need to use Times New Roman and your font size will be less than 12.

Give Captivating Headline on Your Sales Copy
The headline of your sales letter should be bold and big in size so that it can attract and capture the eye and the mind of the readers and you should be sure of your headline in quotes. There are many people who respond well to the quoted headlines than the unquoted ones.

Make sure that your headline is not in caps. Mix it with the small lettered words. As people read in small letters, the first letter must be in capital of your headline leaving articles and prepositions. Your headline needs to be bright red as it attracts more attention but your sales letter body should be black in color. For instance, the perfect headline should be like this ‘How to Start a Business with Less Than $100’.

Without the help of a good headline, the rest of your sales copy will not be read. This equalizes failure. Your headline should bring your customers at your door. This is the beginning of your sales pitch and you have to hook enough interest in order to entice your prospect. There are some tested marketing tricks which increase the chances of a successful headline. Here are some of the proven tactics.

First, put quotation marks around any statement for a higher readership rate. People are mainly attracted to the speech marks as they are naturally curious about what the others say.

Make use of the word ‘How’. This will make people think they are going to offer advice on how to do something.

You can use the word ‘simple’ or ‘easy’ as people believe the solution is not at all difficult to achieve. The word ‘tricks’ also make the solution seem easy and simple. You can use the words ‘these’. You need to follow some simple tactics for boosting your brain power for marketing your business successfully.

You should use active sentences, not passive. ‘How fast and easy sales tricks get you bigger profits.’ It sounds as if the tricks will do hard work for you, you don’t have to put much effort in order to get these profits.


Whenever possible, you can use the word ‘your’ or ‘you’ for quite a number of times. People love to read things which interest us, and making use of the words ‘your’ and ‘you’ will make your headline more personal and focused on the reader. People are more interested in themselves.

Every headline should be followed by a subhead and if the subhead doesn’t

raise interest in your reader, your mission fails. The only purpose of the subhead is to encourage your reader to read your sales copy.

You can also make your sales copy interesting by asking questions. This will engage your reader and will prompt them to read answers. This is very much helpful in direct marketing. For example, you can use bullet points. Eyes get easily attracted to the bullet points or numbered lists as these are easy and fast to read and are packed with information.

You should try to keep your paragraphs short. No one likes to go through the long blocks of text; it’s becomes very difficult when reading on a computer screen. It’s better to keep your paragraphs short and simple. You don’t have to impress your reader with wide range of synonyms. People are not at all interested in that. They are only interested in only what you have to offer them. So, it’s very important to use simple words which everyone can understand easily.

You should present your copy as if you are having a friendly conversation with your reader, not like a formal speech. Your copy should be simple and well-organized conversation. So, you have to write as if you are their friend, not a stranger.

Direct Marketing is a sales method where the advertisers approach your customers directly with your advertisement, business products and services. The most usual method of direct marketing is telephone sales, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, direct visits etc. Thus, direct marketing [] is very attractive to many companies as the campaign results can be measured directly. For instance, when the marketer sends nearly 5000 messages by mail, the company can easily calculate the campaign gave 5 percent response rate.

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