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He’s Just Not That Into Your Fashion Sense. Signs your guy isn’t into your style. As women we take a considerable amount of time focusing on the way we look. We know that presentation is everything and looking good no matter where we go is a must. That is why we spend so many hours in the mirror and the mall trying on clothes, shoes and other accessories, oh and I can’t forget the hair salon where we dedicate so many hours toward creating the perfect hairstyle. When I was in high school I used to always say, “If your hair is a mess at least have a cute outfit on” I believe the outfit makes everything and I can admit to sometimes dressing to impress the opposite sex, however, after this week I realize that I was all wrong. Have you ever shopped with intentions of impressing your man? Well reorganize your thoughts ladies because he’s just not that into you’re style.

Recently my sister and I conducted a survey of all the fashions men hate. They’d rather see us naked, (big surprise) than in the attire we believe is fashionable. So many of the items we love, they are either tired of or just simply don’t care for them at all. At first I was thinking, well what do men know about style? Although, it may not be often men are very honest and they are quick to tell us when something does not look good on us. Many of the answers I received from the guys varied but most of them came to the common decision that the leggings we adore, UGG boots and those similar they’d wish to see burned. One fashion accessory that has become increasingly popular are knit hats, one reason I believe is because they’re cute, convenient and necessary on a bad hair day. However, your boyfriend might think it makes you look like Grandma Tootsie. Although pleasing him all the time should not be a priority I most certainly agree that no one wants to feel like they’re dating their grandmother.

One article of clothing that I’m sure is in every girls closet are leggings. They come in all kinds of colors, styles, and textures. You can pair them with almost everything to create that special look you’re going for. Leggings, being a stretchy material and that accentuates a woman’s natural curves one would think men would love them! Well, to an extent they do however, they wish we would keep the colors basic. Neutral colors like black, white and brown is what they prefer. All the other colors of the rainbow…no! Leggings should not be apart of your daily wardrobe either, switch it up sometimes…I guess men aren’t into tight clothing all the time after all. Most women have an undying love for UGG boots and those alike, but men hate them. I personally believe that if they actually tried them on they would see how comfortable they are and understand why we wear them. They feel great and go with almost any pair of jeans; it gets no better than that. It’s sad to say but your boo thinks they’re UGLY!

Big accessories and lots of them are in this season and in order to be fashion forward it’s great to be seen when multiple accessories. Anywhere from bangles, big shades, rings or large purses are hot! Men think it’s too overpowering, how are they going to get to you if they can’t reach you under all of your extras? This is when the phrase “Less is Better” comes into play. Although many of the things we wear they may not agree with, one thing is for sure it’s not what you’re wearing it’s who is wearing it. He’s just into you!

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