IM Coaching Product Reviews: Men Teach Concepts, Women Provide Details

I’ve been priviledged to take up a few courses with both men and women mentors for the past 2 years.. some were great, others were so-so. Thankfully, none were scammers, but I must admit that one male guru was onto grey-hat works. Eg. Preaches no-hype, but promotes affiliate links to some grey hat and at least one outright scammer’s products.

That’s another of life’s experiences that we could talk about later (I mean, don’t they check out the credibility of the person or even review the product before hand?), but for now, from taking up coaching with both sexes, I could somehow see that the way men and women teaches are different.

For this purpose, let me mention 2 of the best on my coaching pool, Alex Jeffreys and Amy Bass.

Alex Jeffreys coaching was inspiring and straightforward. He did 13 Live coaching via webinar and the topics were given at the start of the coaching program. Here’s a guy who would give you an overview of what exactly is needed to run an internet business. He expanded on each concept with some specific examples of what he’s done before, and your homework is to simulate the work that week.

A word of warning: do the homework he asked of you promptly, or risk being overwhelmed with info and unfinished assignments. So, make sure you clear your free hour for attending the class and doing the work.

What can be done better: combine the coaching with a very detailed, up-to-date and specific way of doing it. Here’s my concern; when you’re a newbie, you haven’t the money to spend on outsourcing the work. Now, Alex has provided all those during my coaching batch. He gave the website (of course you need to! how else you’re going to funnel the visitors to build your list?), did the sales page and created a product for you so that you have a leg-up. But even then… you need to spend time, energy and some money to drive traffic.
Article submission? Try submitting a few articles to a handful places and you may need a software to automatise the submissions.
Backlinking? In general you need at least 150 good backlinks to your website in order to get at least $100 affiliate commissions per website or blog. Automatising it may require hiring someone to do it.
Forum marketing? A good way to garner traffic, but not to promote the same product as your batch of 200 in the coaching.

Here’s where Amy Bass comes to the rescue..

She’s got a coaching course under the Niche Blogger, a 12 month membership style for an incredibly $20 per month or $197 one time payment for a lifetime membership, the latter which I took up. Believe it or not, it’s Waaayyy better, more comprehensive and cheaper than Turbo Traffic System. There! I said it!

Her course is subdivided to monthly and daily tasks and very detailed. Eg. You want to learn how to setup your website and the settings? All in videos and images under Month 1. She teaches you to find niches, and doing SEOs, step-by-step and best of all, is almost always updated to the current news in IM.

Here’s a snippet of what’s in the course. Bear in mind, that the video was taken more than a year, but the content is pretty much relevant.

She teaches blogging, creating your own product, website flipping, membership sites in that order. Her forum is one of the best. I mined a lot of infos over there, that I wouldn’t get in even the Warrior’s Forum.

I definitely can say that you need both of them to do well in your foray into the IM world.

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