10 wonderful things about Whistler

And why it’s one of Canada’s most recommended places to visit.

Seriously, Whistler. What’s it all about?

We can find Whistler on the west side of Canada, nestled somewhere between Vancouver and Jasper National Park. It’s famous for it’s wild, frosty, jam-packed winter season – it even hosted the Winter Olympics back in 2010. But only 48% of Whistlers’ 2.1 million visitors (per year) stay in the winter and 52% visit in summer. So, if it doesn’t just rely on the snowy season, then what really is so special about Whistler?

Introducing COTW’s ten wonderful reasons about why Whistler is so special…

1. The Disney-like village

The village of Whistler is that cosy, friendly, pretty neighbourhood feeling we all search for in a new place. You quickly learn the pathways and know your way around by the end of the first day which means you become comfortable in no time. You soon learn who the ‘locals’ are and end up bumping into them on the ski slopes and hiking trails. In winter, it becomes that snowy wonderland of your dreams and in the summer it’s the bustling, happy and social village that we’ve always wanted.

2. The ‘snow’-blowing ski season

It’s the place to be for the season! With two massive mountains to pick from with multiple easy, intermediate and advanced slopes on the menu, you can discover new trails everyday. Make your way down the mountains and stop off for a drink or two in one of several mountain restaurants and bars. Never been skiing or snowboarding before? The village hotels and shops are equipped to get you on the slopes as quick as possible with the best equipment to rent or buy! You can even book a ski lesson with an Olympian skier!

3. The local grub

After a long day skiing all you want is some good grub and a refreshing beverage to wash it down with. Whistlers selective restaurants provide just that. Open for the early birds and for those who like to stay out all night, Whistler has plenty of choice to fill you up for a one week or months stay. You will be more than satisfied with the comfort food your stomach has been hunting for.

4. The curious wildlife

Canada is known for it’s grizzly, furry wildlife and Whistler is one of the most scenic places to discover it. From black bears to moose, to deer, to beavers – Whistler supplies them all. You won’t even need to book a tour to see wildlife in the Spring and Summer time as they will be out of hibernation and looking to get some tasty snacks of grass on the side of the road!

5. The tourist town you want to be in

Whistler might be a ‘tourist town’ but in Whistler’s case, it’s not a bad thing. The village is full of like-minded people who like to spend their time outdoors, find adventure and make the most of every minute of their day. Most of the ‘locals’ are travellers on a two-year visa working for the season, allowing them to ski, snowboard, hike, cycle, snowmobile whenever they’re not working. Its the perfect place to meet people from all over the world and discover where your next holiday should be!

6. The breath-taking views

When you stay in Whistler, your surroundings are incredible. With wildlife, mountains, groups of people, and cosy wood cabins at your doorstep, it’s hard to know where to look sometimes!

7. The free day parking

Throw your hands up for free parking! What traveller doesn’t love the free stuff? The all-day free parking is a blessing when you’re an early bird ready to seize the day for a day hike or day on the slopes. Take advantage of the free parking on offer right next to the ski gondola and everything the village has to offer. Where else do you find free parking in a popular tourist town?

8. The nightlife culture

It’s not just the daytime where the funs at. At night, Whistler comes alive with like-minded people looking to have a great time, enjoying what they do and continuing on to make the most of every minute possible. To make the most of the cold nights, the village hotels, restaurants and bars are open until late to celebrate this wonderful place and keep you smiling and moving!

9. The heated summer season

Whistler’s not just cool for winter, it’s also cool for the summer. In fact, it’s the best place for cycling trails, hiking, quad biking, sunbathing and a spot of day drinking in the sunshine! The Olympic Winter Park is even open with local artists performing and food trucks serving up some tasty picnic food. There’s no excuse not to be outside!

10. How close it is to Vancouver and the National Parks

Whistler isn’t only the perfect village or the perfect holiday destination, it’s also in the perfect location. A two-hour drive from the iconic city of Vancouver and a two – four-hour drive from World Heritage Jasper National Park, Icefields Parkway and Banff National Park. The ideal two week holiday on the West side of the country exploring the city, the snowy Whistler mountains and glaciers. Simply magical.

Comment below where your favourite spot is in Whistler. If you’re making your way to Whistler, extend your stay and make some time to go to Jasper and Banff National Parks. Why? Here’s why !

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