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    Rev3 is an innovation center located in DuPage County, Illinois, with a focus on helping people and companies manufacture products, write software and develop technology to drive the third industrial revolution. From astonishing waves of innovation to new product concepts to technology that changes business models - Rev3 is a place of emerging opportunities and creativity. This is not a place for business as usual.

    Meet Ray Ziganto From Bi-Link

    Meet Ray Ziganto, a member at Rev3, and learn about how this 50-year-old family-owned business collaborates with engineers to help solve complex design problems, and from there go onto prototyping and manufacturing.

    Meet Elliot and Dawn Hershik from Supporting Strategies

    Meet Dawn and Elliot, members at Rev3, and learn about their business Supporting Strategies. For those in need of good backoffice support, this is for you!

    Meet Abhi Rajmane from Nabros

    Meet Abhi, a member at Rev3, and learn about his business Nabros.